DLT technology to modernize the Olive Oil industry

Helping olive tree growers and oil producers to manage and finance their ventures while bringing transparency to the market.

Agriculture tools

Decentralized Ledger Technology to facilitate production processes, certifications, and financial tasks.


We track the entire olive oil supply chain and we protect consumers against unwanted mixes and provenance fraud.

Analytical traceability

We verify the physical properties of the olive oil and we price it accordingly based on international standards.

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The Problem

As more and more banks pull out of commodities markets, olive oil producers find it difficult to finance their ventures and to protect against price fluctuation. The situation is reducing production while worldwide olive oil consumption is higher than ever, giving place to fraudulent practices to cope with the increased demand. Oliva Coin is here to change all that.

“It's reliably reported that 80% of the Italian olive oil on the market is fraudulent. Some experts think that percentage is an exaggeration. Others believe that the bigger problem is poor quality olive oil, deliberately mislabelled as virgin or extra virgin.”


Celia Rodriguez Forbes Journalist

“Banks’ commodity revenues have been on a steady downward path in recent years as they exited or shrank their commodity businesses due to more stringent regulation and poor performance from the sector.”


Peter Hobson Reuters Journalist

“The lack of price stabilization makes a long-term relationship with distributors very difficult, especially with modern commercial distribution, whose internal objective is the management of its operating margins. ”


Junta de Andalucía Extenda Consejería de Economía

The Solution

Olivacoin has the ability to bring transparency to the olive oil market bringing together all market participants, offering financial security for producers, protection against price fluctuation for distributors and quality assurance for consumers.


Unlock the potential of our ecosystem. The real value of modernizing a millenary market while respecting quality and traditional processes. Easy settlements for growers, distributors and consumers.

Traceability system

It guarantees the quality and transparency ensuring product origin and supply chain to both, merchants, and consumers. The olive oil is tracked from its plant form to the consumer table. Growing and production processes are recorded and assessed for real value.

Analytical systems

Top-notch analytical and artisan technologies converge to control the quality of the product, and to officially, and blindly, certify its quality, and correct handling at all times. No more politics!

Olivacoin Market

The place to seal olive oil deals with a third party guarantee. Thanks to DLT technology all contracts are 100% assured, all parts are protected, the quality is guaranteed.

Market Facts

14 Confirmed partners
2343409342 Total Market Value
1zzz Producers in Spain
5% Savings to supply cost

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